OPEN STUDIO – 3rd December 2016


Open Studios……. a way of showing off your talents, selling and clearing stock, engaging in conversation with visitors, getting your brand out in the world.

I do like having open studios. I can relax more and indulge my self. It is also an opportunity to clean, organise and tidy my studio before the public see it. I am an untidy maker…no apologies, it is what it is. Tidy is good though.

I hope to make some funds and to get commissions, workshop bookings and raise interest in what I do. Lots of delayed gratification in an open studio I think.

One set back for me is that 6 weeks ago I broke my wrist just at the point where I was starting to increase my end of year production. So in a nut shell I have not got any of the top selling more interesting pieces available this year.

I will go ahead anyway. I have advertised it on line all over the place and will do a final round of advertising on line this week. Looking forward to a tidy and clean studio and to begin next year with some new ideas and plans that should set my studio in a more prosperous direction.

Here’s looking at you kid.






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