A successful day!


The hard work paid off. Open Studio at SAZi was a success financially and socially  I would say. People came and bought. I even sold a pottery workshop voucher and got a commission for a vase. Thank you everyone.

Food went down a treat. Always a useful lure to get people to come to an out of their way location in the cold. I bought some delicious vegan chocolate truffles from Abundance Foods (Leeds) to add to the banquet. They were gobbled up real quick.  I ate the raw food cheese cake I bought for the event. Wasn’t sharing that! It was only small. (that’s my excuse)

As I knew I would have visitors ( I estimate about 40 – 45 came through in total) I took the opportunity to get some feedback about the work on display. 15 feedback forms were filled out. Everyone said they liked what they saw. 7 people had not been to my open studio before. So I reached new audiences. I asked what items people would have liked to have seen in the studio. Answers included: African inspired; Japanese style and demonstrations; buttons; tableware; coasters; big cups; beads; earrings and more colour.


The dilemma of the artist studio potter-  is it better to meet the wants of the general public in order to sell and make a living or do you make and create what you want to satisfy your soul? I think there can be a compromise and  you as the artist studio potter can create a demand for your own work. I have at one time or another made all those things listed above. The list gives me a picture of how people view my work. Will I change it? Not really. The only thing I will do and I am doing anyway is experimenting with more colourful glazes which is testing my resolve I can tell you.





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