25th December 2016

Regular blogging is clearly not a thing I excel in but I’m sticking at it.

This is me procrastinating. Avoiding tidying the house for the guests who I am going to cook for later today. I will get a move on when I am done with this. Was going through my Pinterest, I haven’t engaged with it for ages. I have an inspiring collection of boards and saves. Pinterest is great for that.

I love this:

Cylinder vessels by Swedish ceramic artist Karin Bengtson. via pink pagoda studio:

Karin Bengston – Sweden. From my Board Ceramics – Function over form.

And these from the same board:

Stunning handmade pottery by Mt. Washington!:                                   ポンズボウル - 器と暮らしの道具 OLIOLI:

Beth Katz – Mt Washington Pottery USA (?)             Unkown maker. Chinese or Japanese?

Some of my favorites from my board ‘Ceramics – Form over Function’

Ute Grossmann |:                               Ken MIHARA, Japan

Ute Grosseman – Sweden                                         Ken Miharra – Japan

Petra Bittl:

Petra Bittl

Who am I kidding? I don’t have a favourite. I just love them all.

These artists and makers inspire me to be better at what I do. I have learned that nothing is original but I can make and stamp my own style that can be recognised. Originality is in the interpretation. Bring on 2017.




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