Series Two – Great Pottery Throw Down

Did anyone see Episode 1 of the new series of The Great Pottery Throw Down shown on BBC 2 2nd Feb 2017? I did. Really enjoyed it but I know that there was so much more going on that was edited out. Meaning that the experience of my time as a contestant in series one taught me lots about TV and editing.

I enjoyed watching it and felt for the contestants. To make a 16 piece dinner set in 4.5hrs for the first task was a big ask. See an extract on the link.

Brought back happy and anxious memories.

I wondered about the judges choosing to kick out Carole over James. James’s throwing skills were dire whereas Carole’s were far superior. James had a huge hole in his plate! The favourites have already been identified. My guess as to who will get through to the semi finals are Clover, Elaine, Ryan, Freya or perhaps Richard. Some of my friends from the first show already know! I don’t want to know.

I started to make a dinner set last week Monday but the winter damp and the cold means that nothing will dry in a hurry. Will take about a month to finish. I am determined and I will finish it. Also added side plates, bowls, cups and saucers.  Using red earthenware with slip decoration. Will colour with underglaze and a transparent glaze. It is not what I had originally planned  but it is better than doing nothing. I will stick to my original plan in the next dinner set. Off to go and trim then start on the next thing.



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