Arts and Craft fairs

I have learned over the years that choosing any craft stall  to sell your wares is not a sensible strategy. Just because it is cheap and close by doesn’t mean you should do it.

I do a farmers market once a month. It can be the most disheartening experience. It can also be a a huge success. One can never tell. Are market stalls the way to go? I think it is time to go for the bigger and more prestigious fairs and shows in the country.

I am about to apply for the Christmas market at The Hepworth in Wakefield. Not hopeful that I will get in but will give it a go. It seems they have doubled the the stall costs from last year. That can be a good sign. I have nothing to lose.

My life is more than making ceramics but this is one of the things I am quite passionate about. Had the Made in Leeds camera crew for The Lowdown in my studio this week. They did a feature on me. I didn’t even take a photo or tweet it or anything. Not very prepared or that enthusiastic. Stupid of me really. What a great opportunity to plug the business. Scared to see what they do in the edit. Didn’t even put a bit of lippy on.

Image result for Lips




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