Made in Leeds TV

The feature on The Lowdown was aired on the 13th June. I had forgotten about it….oops. Someone mentioned it today. Watched it on catch up and it is not too bad, Made me look good. Impressed with the editing. They made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…. (Self deprecation is a way of getting the criticism in before some one else does.) I messed up so many times. I have lots to say but my speech impediment prevents all of that and my creative writing needs more practice. (Jeez,  I am so miserable!!)


The presenter, James I think, was a lovely young man. Natural and unpretentious.

Don’t know how the feature was perceived but I thought it was OK.

Here is the link to the feature: episode 262 The Lowdown on Made in Leeds TV. I come on at 11 mins and 44 seconds in.

Talking about being on the telly, James, Pottery vet, from The Great Pottery Throw Down Series One, is in a new TV programme called The Pets Factor on CBBC. Started today not seen it yet.

I say what I like because no one is reading this. Well not to the end anyway.

Laters. x



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