Everyday offers a new start


…. is all around us, sometimes it is easy to see other times not. It might all depend on mood, environment, company etc. As a creative I am constantly bombarded with inspiration, inspiring verse, inspiring shapes of buildings, trees, faces, reflections, conversations, clothing, history, news, other artists, people good and bad.

These are my last few days in Jamaica and the ideas are all over the place, it is overwhelming …where to start? I am going back to basics in the SAZi Studio and looking at the 4 main shapes (bowls, cups, vase and the lidded vessel) that I make and starting again from there. The flora and fauna is mesmerising here, the colours all around and the sound; music and all kinds of animals. A cacophony of sound. Don’t know where this paragraph is headed but sharing anyway. Read on…


Those colours and patterns are wonderful. Some ideas for surface patterns.

‘It’s not wrong to go back to that which you have forgotten’ West African proverb


Professional Development

It is never a waste of time and money to develop your personal and professional selves. I must have attended over 200 personal and professional development events in my lifetime. They have helped me on my journey. I have not attended an event like this for some time. As I have matured it feels that they have very little to offer me. I don’t know it all and I am always learning but what is out there to meet my changing needs? Need to do some research, especially around my baggage. Yes, I have some, don’t you? In the meantime I will be attending Flourish. Flourish is a 2 day conference aimed at makers and designers organised by the Crafts Council. I hope to gain some new connections, build knowledge and expand my networks as well as acquire new skills, in this age of information technology, to build my business. Watch this space.

If you know of anything useful for personal and professional development for creatives please share.

Free pottery taster sessions!

SAZi Studio is offering FREE 2.5 hour taster sessions on 12th and 13th July. 
Taster session July 2019
Friday 12th July – 2 Hand building sessions. Times: 10am – 12.30pm OR 2pm – 4.30pm
Saturday 13th July – 2 Throwing on the wheel sessions. Times: 10am – 12.30pm OR 2pm – 4.30pm
These are free and give a taste (Emoji) of the 1 and 2 day workshops on offer. It wont be the full SAZi treatment but it is free. If you want to keep what you have made the costs are as follows: 
    – Unfired – £5 per piece
    – Fired and unglazed £8 per piece
    – Fired and glazed – £12 per piece 
Simple refreshments on offer.
The work will be available for collection up to 3 weeks after the session is completed.
Get in touch for more details and to book yourself a place.

The Great Pottery Throw Down – Series 3

Have you heard?  It’s back!! Channel 4 has saved the day. It has been over 3 years since series one was aired on BBC2. I was either brave or foolish but I am glad I did it. Feel proud to be one of many bringing pottery to the masses via national TV.
Do you think you have what it takes to become Britain’s Best Home Potter?
Love Production are looking for enthusiastic people with the skill and passion for all things ceramic!
If you can throw with confidence and hand build with flair – then why not put your skills to the ultimate test!
The Great Pottery Throw Down is looking for home potters aged 18+ to take part in Series 3!
Applications closes Sunday 23rd June 2019
Screenshot (276).png
If you need any tips or advice on applying or once you have been successful just give me a shout. I have some experience.





Wha gwaan?

BOOM… I am back!! 

As I sit down to write this in Jamaica, it is 6am! I never get up at 6am!! Might be the pure coconut water I drink daily or the fresh off the tree mango I consume that makes me feel happy and energised, of course it could be the hot bright sunshine that envelopes you when you dare to step out into it with  lush everlasting greenery as far as the eye can see. Reminds you that the earth gives you everything you need; food, resources, calm, wonder and beauty. We are very fortunate humans.  The earth also provides us with clay of which so many creatives and artists are eternally grateful for.


Magdalene Odundo

I had the wonderful but brief pleasure of meeting Magdalene Odundo at the Hepworth on the 4th May 2019. I completely missed the launch party of the ‘Journey of Things’, her exhibition, in February where Ben Okri was also present, a massive, massive lost opportunity to smooze ( I might have made that word up?) with some of the art elite…..

I was determined to meet her this time at her talk, ignoring the fact that the talk had sold out 6 weeks before, I took myself down there and caught her before she was due to have a conversation with her audience.

She was lovely and didn’t call security. I gave her a gift that I made, very daring and risky,  I hope she liked it. Not heard from her and no doubt I will be contacting her soon to try and get some feedback.



The Tetley

Finally delivered some of my Afro Hair cups/mugs to The Tetley a couple of weeks ago. Not sure how they will go down… Look out for new works coming up soon by me at the Tetley. When I say soon it will probably be July or August 2019.


Lastly….for now…. going to devour a mango that has my name on it.

Planning a few taster sessions for those thinking about having a go. They will be FREE (!!) so all you may lose is time… but you will gain experience and have lotsa fun. Look out for dates and stuff on my social media, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and my blog site off course.

Thanks for reading.



Hello 2019!

Greetings everyone. Happy New Year!

Can you believe that we are already more than halfway through January, it’s almost February? Time flies which is why we should do what we say we are going to, Ok, I speak for myself. I don’t really do resolutions but one thing I am determined to do is to cut back on procrastination, it is a killer of dreams, doesn’t lead to satisfaction or success and totally wastes time, time you can never get back.

Before March begins I will be opening my new online shop, yes really! I listen to feedback and this is one of the more popular requests.  It will have some new makes on there which I hope you all will like and buy. It will also have pottery workshops you can purchase.  What else…?. oh yeah, I will set up a regular newsletter that I hope everyone can sign up to. It will have varied content linked to ceramics and the arts, events and reviews…

The studio

I am in the process of reconfiguring my studio. This is a challenge that I will use to my advantage. Before and after photos to follow. It also means that I will  review what I make and the processes I use.


The above works are my standard signature pieces. Bowls – thrown, printed ware such as cups, lidded vessels, and vessels made with slabs of clay. What else would you like to see in the SAZi range?? Let me know in the contact sheet:

I continue to take commissions and run workshops on demand. SAZi  workshops include  2 day thro012wing or hand building, a summer raku firing day (this is still under construction), and a taster day either throwing or hand building. See the workshops, commissions, sales  page for more details.

Made in Leeds TV 13 June 2This is almost a 10 year challenge. Me in 2008 and me in 2016 or 2017. Still wearing orange…


Talking about the 10 year challenge…

Old work. Is there much of a difference??

That’s is it for now. Thanks for reading. Get in touch. Constructive feedback is always welcome. Sandra


World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2018


I was prompted (by Sam, Thank You) to write a short blog about Mental Health and how the arts, culture and creativity can have such a  positive effect on an individual and a community. Today, World Mental Health Day, is a good day to write it.

In the arts world, especially around funding, all arts organisations and health organisations will be acutely aware of the shift to ‘culture, health and  well-being’ a growing criteria for increasing the chance of a successful  funding bid. Public bodies such as the Arts Council want there to be meaningful collaborations that have positive and health creating effect on individuals.


Yesterday I bought a newspaper, Daily Telegraph, I don’t buy papers these days, and never the Daily Telegraph but wanted a bottle of water and it was ‘free’ with the paper, (capitalism for you,) anyway I was reading it and came across a very short  article about GP’s ‘social prescribing‘; and how in Frome, Somerset, GP’s began social prescribing to it’s 28,000 patients who were most at risk. Each were offered a personalised care plan and ‘social prescribing’, defined by the University of Bradford as a way to connect or reconnect patients with community so coffee mornings and book clubs were prescribed. This study has shown that emergency hospital admissions were cut by 14% bringing the figure from £5,755,487 in 2013-2014 to £4,560,421 in 2016-2017 because of social prescribing or at least heavily affected by it.


Where am I going with this? Those of us/you that come from a health or arts background and I come from both, have known this for decades, it has taken a long slow burn from the government departments to recognise and make it a category. I am saying hooray!!

If you are feeling a bit  rubbish, low mood,  having a bad day or week or month you might want to visit your GP or/and you could try looking around online, check out Leeds Inspired events page and see what is in your area that you can attend or be involved in I can guarantee that when you get over the ‘I can’t draw, I can’t dance, I am not creative’ mantra, which we all have as adults and I hear all the time on my workshops, and plunge into and immerse yourself into a creative activity your feelings and mindset will be transformed. Trust me.

The Love Arts Festival logo above is a annual Leeds event and the theme this year is Connect,  Love Arts is interested in the link between creativity and mental well-being. The festival runs up to the 13th October. Still time to visit and enjoy the planned programme.

I come from a creative family. All of us are creative and have achieved recognition from family and public for our crafts – singing, writing, spoken word, hip hop, beat boxing, music, cake baking, drawing, sewing, textile design, crocheting, knitting, ceramics, printing, bookmaking, cobbling, cooking, dancing etc. These activities sustain our mental and emotional health in an environment that can sometimes be unwelcoming, discriminatory and disrespectful.

The arts saved me for sure, it is cathartic and healing, allowed me to look within and expand my networks. Although I am not a doctor, would certainly prescribe the arts to anyone.

For further reading:

Inside out – art and mental health review

WHO. World Mental Health Day




Getting my groove on

Not getting my groove on in the Stella way just in case you were all getting excited. Getting my blogging groove on…. image2

I think I am getting the hang of this blogging lark. I blogged in August and I am doing it again in September! Two months in a row, bloomin’ ‘eck! Don’t think I am ready to write my life story just yet though. Now that would be a tale. Ha!

What to write?


Well, the end of summer is almost here and for most, if not all makers, means the festive season is around the corner and we are all busy making. This is often the most lucrative period for so many independent businesses. The well organised makers and creatives have booked their places at Arts and Craft fairs and makers fairs well in advance back in 2017 or February or May 2018.  I rarely do this well in advance booking thing but I will from now on. (I said that last year and the year before :|)

I do not despair though because I have at least two selling events coming up, I hope you can all join me:

SAZi Studio Ceramic Sale, 12th – 18th November . I will have my studio open to the public for the week 11am till 6pm each day. Come and buy your gifts, book a workshop or commission some work. Have a chat and a drink with maybe a snack or two with me in my studio. Look out for the promotions on social media. 
Flyer for November 2018 studio sales

I will be having a stall at the next Artistry in December at the Leeds City Museum so if you miss me at my studio you can get me at on the 8th and 9th December, there will be some wonderfully talented makers there. See flyers.

Oh yeah! I forgot there is more…. I am going to have some giveaways for  some  lucky individuals. There will be GIVEAWAYS at my SAZi Studio Ceramic sale in November everyday to the 7th paying customer on that day. (Why the number 7? It is a nice number!). Those people are in for a treat. There will also be one giveaway each day at Artistry. I shall be posting the details on my Instagram sazistudioceramics in due course. Follow me on Instagram to find out how you can get this first time ever free gift from SAZi Studio.

What about on line sale you ask? I am working on it.

What else has been happening…..?

In brief, Chapel Allerton Arts Festival on the 1st September 2018 was ace. Sun, craft beer, Thai food, good friends and sales all present. What more could an artisan ask for? Well done CAAF for a wonderful event. Thanks to all the people that came to chat and buy from me. Had a great day. Need to give a huge shout out to Dawn Cameron for being the best helper I ever had. See you next year. x

Almost sold out on the day. I think my most popular item was my Afro Hair series. Went down a treat. Sold 5 out of the six. In the process of making some more.

Actually, I might be wrong, the most popular item could have been these lidded  vessels with spoons. Sold all of them.



Will be making more if you are interested.Tit pots.png



Titty pots are finished. #potyertitsawayluv of Instagram fame did a grand job. Bring on the titty revolution!

Lastly, and I thank you if you have read this far, I am delighted to say that The British Library have agreed to buy one of my artist books, Blue and White (2008). Feels like a significant achievement. To have one of my works in the British Library and knowing that it will be there till the end of time. It is a small benefaction ( I am sure one of many from artists) that indicates that there are/were many artists of colour, children of immigrants and children of the Windrush living, contributing to and working in Britain. Need to thank Leila Nassereldin for making this happen.

Follow SAZi Studio on Instagram and Facebook. Stay updated about the latest work and pottery workshops. All feedback welcome.

Pottery for one pottery for all.

Thanks for reading, Sandra


It’s Shocking!!

Did I get your attention?

It is shocking that I have not written anything since January 2018 on this blog!! But it is what it is. No excuses…. well just a few…tired, can’t be bothered, busy, too hard, no time, nothing to say (not true I have loads to say), laziness etc, etc.

July was a good month for my little pottery business. I ran 4 pottery workshops with a total of 11 people. Doesn’t sound like much but for SAZi Studio it makes a small profit and the studio pays for itself. It also leaves me with a little breathing space. Just need to rinse and repeat (as I keep hearing them say) for next month.

Workshop participants July 2018
The Wilkinson’s


Throwing workshop July 2018
At the wheel

Please get in touch if you fancy a go at making with clay. I have kinda stopped scheduling in workshop dates. I just go with the flow. I book in agreed dates with participants. That seems to work well as I am very flexible with my time. The benefits of being freelance.

A two day throwing or handbuilding workshop is £130 per person with a 3 hour session at a later date to glaze and add extra colour to your work. Fun and good value for money and you should end up with 4 to 6 pieces of work that you will have made.

I also offer 3 hour taster sessions at £60 per person.

Titty pots…..Shocking!

At SAZi Studio. Earthenware Titty Pot by Emma Low

It was shocking to some, I guess, that I had my boobs out on social media! Well, they were not my actual boobs, plus they are a bit more droopy than my real boobs. I thought it was humorous and I think most people felt the same. Had a few haters but not enough to care about, not that I would care anyway.

Screenshot (45).png
Emma Low @potyertitsawayluv

‘Boob Pots’ made by Emma Low of @potyertitsawayluv of Instagram fame attended one of my workshops and we got talking. She makes tit pots (modelled from photos that  women send in to her) from air drying clay and paints them in different colours. I thought she ought to use real clay and fire the work so it can be used and be durable and last much longer, forever even. So my boobs above are earthenware clay. This was hand built using the slab making method in her own studio. They are waiting to be fired. That will be interesting. A nice little collaboration.

In case you want to know more check out Emma’s website.

I think these boob pots, I call ’em ‘titty pots,’ are an interesting way to raise awareness of women’s breasts on so many different levels. Issues around breast cancer, the ‘hyper – sexualisation’ and the ‘hyper-shaming’ of women’s breasts, breast feeding – better for baby, feeding in public and the uproar that brings. And what should breasts look like? Droopy, perky, small, large, equal sizes, different sizes one breast two breasts, no breaasts? Women  are put under so much pressure from men, other women, family and society in general particularly through the media to conform to one type of breast when actually that is quite impossible. We have implants, reductions, we buy all manner of brassieres  and contraptions to defy gravity. The truth is breasts will sag and droop over time and so what? It is what it is. That is the real world. As @theslumflower (Chidera Eggerue)  says #saggyboobsmatter and “You don’t owe anyone pretty, you don’t owe anyone perky, you don’t owe anyone perfection” Check out her new book by the way ‘What a time to be alone‘. She is my new young ‘shero’.

Sexual assault in the clay community – Shocking!

Another shocking thing, (feels like I am gossiping ) is in the clay community of Instagram (just learning that there is such a thing and that I might be part of it) There has been a huge revelation, a ‘shocking’ revelation/allegation about an  Instagram famous  potter.

Screenshot (44)
Eric Landon aka @tortuscopenhagen
Screenshot (43)
Emalee Hudson aka @softearth.ceramics

He has been accused of sexual harassment and assault from an apprentice who came to work in his studio last year in Copenhagen. The tale is long, in brief she has posted an account on Insta that he sexually assaulted her. He says that it is not true. Then other people have come out of the woodwork and have posted stories of their encounter with Eric Landon aka Tortus Copenhagen none of them about sexual harassment but about his conduct as a professional. Things like, him taking weeks and weeks to pay agreed fees and only paying when threatened with legal action and stories of his perceived arrogance when running workshops around the world. Suffice to say there has been slanging matches all over the clay community on Instagram. Some big potter names have come out against him as a sexual predator and he has lost about 25K followers over the last 2-3  days as a result of the accusations. Losing followers is one thing but he is losing business big time. The hashtag #unfollowtortus has gained momentum and has divided the believers and non believers on @softearth.ceramics aka Emalee Hudson’s story. She has gained followers and supporters. I am not a follower.

This is what she wrote for the world to see on Instagram:

‘Hey guys. After receiving so much love and encouragement, I have decided to speak my truth and share more details in hope to clear any confusion and inform. This situation all started a few years ago when I had been asked to come help with workshops for a certain potter in CPH who I basically idolized. Last year I finally saved up and made it overseas where the first couple of days were okay, but soon my boss became very flirty with me. It started out as just small comments about my appearance which I honestly was flattered by, but the comments started turning into turning into innuendos though, and the working environment started to become a very uncomfortable place for me. To that point, everything was verbal until one night while helping in the studio he kissed and touch me inappropriately without me asking. Uncomfortable in the situation, I pulled away when he grabbed and held by the shoulders and he said “it’s okay. we have all summer”. After that night, I kept my distance but was continually aggressively pursued. The whole situation made me feel so sick and dirty and I realized that I was never wanted there for actual help in the studio…. I shut down and ended up being so depressed by everything that went down that my best friend (now fiancé) had to fly over and bring me home weeks early… It wasn’t until recently opening up about another issue I had over there (not getting compensated for anything I made or any workshops I helped with) that I discover I was not the only young potter who had an ordeal like this had happened to. I am trying to bring this all to light because I never want another girl to fall for what I did, which is a sick person using there social media position to prey on young women’

(Please excuse the change in font. Don’t know how to control it)

Instagram became a court room and the followers became the judge and jury. It was/is a kangaroo court and the process is messy, unresolved and the implications are serious. He flung words at her and she screen shot and posted their private messages from WhatsApp or someplace. He got angry and tried to defend himself in some of the hundreds of posts about him, it was a car crash. Don’t know what the end will look like for Eric Landon and Emalee Hudson.

What do I think?

  • It is shocking.
  • It is not a new thing that respected and well known potters of the past have been sexual predators apparently. @ayumihorie says:

Screenshot (46)

  • I don’t think she should have posted it on Instagram as her first port of call. Shouldn’t she have confronted him full on first, privately?
  • I believe her. I don’t want to believe she is lying just to get more followers. Who would do such a thing? It is a massive accusation in a massive forum.
  • I respect his skill as a potter. I don’t know him and he has never responded to any of my comments on his post.
  • I unfollowed him.
  • I think he will recover from this but he will get  diminished returns.
  • He is married with children. His income will be detrimentally affected. That will affect his children too. They had nothing to do with it.
  • He says he is innocent and that the allegation is false. Is he saying she is lying?
  • Only one of them is telling the truth.
  • Is that what all guilty sexual abusers say? Is that a classic response from the guilty?
  • What I noticed is that she is a blond white woman and he is a non white man. Does this have any bearing in the mass condemnation of him? I hear you all cry ‘Noooo it has nothing to do with his colour, why do you have to play the race card?’ – Just putting it out there.
  • Does his massive success (he maybe the most popular potter on Instagram) bring out the envy in others? Many have called him creepy and arrogant.
  • The ‘fact’ remains that he allegedly sexually assaulted her believing that his status would protect him and maybe he does it often with no comeback or conflict from the women/young women he preys on or assaults. Did he think his fame and perceived power would make him immune?
  • Social media can make or break you. Beware.

Women should be able to work and live in safe environments and not have to worry about the possibility of being sexually violated, it is a trauma that we can certainly do without on our journeys. Women and girls should be believed when they muster up the confidence to speak their truths. Of course this doesn’t just apply to women alone, anyone can be a target of sexual violence. We need to relentlessly educate our boys  about what is acceptable and what is not. We need to relentlessly educate our girls about what is acceptable and what is not.

For more information and support on some of these issues check out the following:

Me Too Movement

Why women are sharing their stories

Help after rape and sexual assault

Support line- Rape and sexual assault

Victim support

Over and out.


Start as you mean to go on.

Happy New Year everyone.

New year, new cycle and fresh approaches. It all begins with the mindset. Wouldn’t you agree? I have been pretty quiet over the festive season. Saved myself the stress of making for Xmas markets and so on. Had time to reflect.

So I am going in with fresher ideas and not giving up on the thing I love to do (making pottery/ceramics in case you were wondering). I just need to spread my wings wider and reach out to new places and learn new methods of marketing on line.

Have you seen my Instagram (sazistudioceramics) account or my Facebook page (SAZi Studio)? Go and have a look, become a follower if you are interested. I tend to do be more active in those areas than on my Blog.

I have spent a couple of hours putting together my online flyer promoting my next series of workshops for February and March 2018. Please share amongst your networks.

Workshops Feb.jpg

Days are getting longer and I am looking forward to the lighter mornings and evenings. Daylight is invigorating especially when there is sun.

Another thing, I am clearing 2017 stock in my studio. If anyone is interested in buying anything please let me know.  Check my gallery on this site, posted a few images of work for sale. I also take commissions if you want anything special making.

Everyday brings new opportunities, just need to recognise them and grab with both hands.





Loose ends

What happened at Penrith, did I make my fortune? How did I do at Chapel Allerton Festival Leeds and my trip down to London SoLo Craft Fair, was it worth the hassle?

An addition: The photo above is me subjecting myself to a blind folded throwing contest facilitated by Tom Jackson at Potclays in Stoke-on -Trent. Potclays were celebrating their 85th anniversary. Last time I did that I was forced into it by the Great Pottery Throw Down Judges and Directors. This time I  forced myself.  Like self flagellation! Made the tallest though……

Potfest in the Pens, Penrith:  That was the first time I had participated in a 3 day ceramic festival or selling event. It was hard work setting up especially on my back. Even so the best part of selling for me is preparing my stall.  Planning the layout and making the stall look the best it can be. It is like interior designing, or working a shop window.  I really enjoyed transforming a farm animal pen into a shop, essentially. It was also intriguing to watch the whole place transform from a wet and a bit smelly into a potters market.


I made a significant loss on this weekend which left me licking my wounds for a few weeks. On the up side, I sold work, I met lots of new potters. I think my work is salable and well made. Some potters sold much less than I did and some potters sold so much more. Not sure I will do it again. Need to decide soon as the applications for Potfest in the Pens 2018 are due in a few weeks.

Chapel Allerton Festival, Leeds: This was a wonderfully sunny day and I made up for my losses at Penrith. Restored my faith in my work and the buying public. Made almost as much as I did in Penrith in a few hours at the festival. Packed up my stuff feeling very happy and confident at the end of the day.

SoLo Craft Fair, London: I have to say that this was disappointing but it was a risk I was willing to take. In terms of finances I just about broke even after fuel and stall costs. Mistake I made was to bring too much stuff. Only needed one crate of work and I brought 3. I suppose if more people had come and bought stuff the 3 crates of work would have been sufficient. It was a poor turn out and I wasn’t the only one that struggled. I wont be doing that one again. I think it is a space for twee makers not to insult those that do pretty, hearts, flowers and birds stuff. My work is maybe too contemporary and serious. Will not be put off and will look for another London outlet.

The next thing:

Planning a SAZi open studio before the end of the year so keep a watch out for dates.

Also coming up is Adam Partridge Auction . We, those from the Throw Down series one and two, and others were asked to donate pieces of work for auction. The funds raised will go to support Clay College. Just hope that my work will sell at a respectable amount and I wont have to leave the auction room with a bag over my head. Assuming I will be able to go.

I am running some pottery workshops through out October. Places still available have a full class this week and next. Will be working with/teaching  a world famous person at the end of the month. Will share when the time is right.

Workshop sept 2107.png
A happy and satisfied participant

A less sweary blog this time.



An aside…

So I am in a hostel in the Hague, I am not loving the experience but it is what my budget can handle for 7 nights. My main concerns were lack of privacy, the dirtiness of others, being touched while I slept and my snoring bothering others.

My aim was to get my daughter into a student accomodation. That was achieved with a lot of stress and anxiety. You meet a lot of people passing through or see them, I haven’t really met or spoken to all of them. Not interested. There was one strange one that I have to admit I took a dislike to because of his behaviour and comments about women and who he would and wouldn’t have sex with and rating the girls he was speaking to. Annoyingly no one in my presence challenged him. I said nothing. He was in the same dorm as me, dirty. Leaving his clothes on every bed, food debris, packaging thrown on the floor. Generally nasty, I said nothing. He also took a dislike to me and was openly hostile. I am not white and blond as is his preferred type. Thank goodness.

Here is the crux of my story. It is night 4. He doesn’t sleep. He wakes me up as he puts the light on and off, he leaves the room he comes back. He smokes outside and comes back smelling of cigarette, waking me each night. Eating and crackling plastic wrapping, crunching, talking clearing the mucous in his throat etc, etc. It is a small room. No window. A bit claustrophobic.

As I catch some sleep I feel someone pushing my leg above the knee and wake up to see his face above mine telling me to ‘be quiet’…. I looked at him and said nothing. I was quickly  incensed beyond my ability to deal with it rationally. I did nothing but stayed awake for two hours feeling more and more violated and angry that this fucker can touch me as I sleep and tell me not to sleep in a bed I have paid for.

In the morning I spoke with the manager/owner who had some empathy but I can see that him and this fucker are friends even though he denied any friendship.

My failure to act in a composed and reasonable and quiet fashion  was not what I planned. I wanted to do a Samuel L Jackson or a Liam Neeson in Taken. When the fucker came into the bar I was in his face with my finger cussing and  swearing and telling him to never touch me again. He had no apology and said that I was making so much noise. That made me more mad.

How dare a person touch a stranger in a dorm and tell them to wake up so that they can sleep??? It has put me off hostel life. I will find the money in future to pay for a hotel or I don’t go. I feel violated, disrespected and the lack of apology and his arrogance just compounds the issue. As I type this he is bouncing around behind me in the bar behaving as though he is staff. The owner said that he has had a few complaints about him and would like to see him leave, but business is business. If it was my hostel business I would kick his ass out. The manager transferred the man to another dorm. Better than nothing.

Would he have touched a man like that or a white woman? Everyone in that room snored, he snored. Get over it, buy earplugs but don’t fucking touch people. Fucking cheek. If I had had the training I would have fucked him up and broken his fucking fingers. His lack of respect his disrespect is clear. Makes me think if he touched me anywhere else as he said that he touched me on my feet!

Rant over. Breath

Back to pottery and ceramics next blog post. I will be doing Chapel Allerton Festival in Leeds on the 2nd and SoLo Craft Fair in London on the 24th September in Brixton. Before all that it is carnival!!! #carnivalhappy Leeds West Indian Carnival 50th Anniversary.