Start as you mean to go on.

Happy New Year everyone.

New year, new cycle and fresh approaches. It all begins with the mindset. Wouldn’t you agree? I have been pretty quiet over the festive season. Saved myself the stress of making for Xmas markets and so on. Had time to reflect.

So I am going in with fresher ideas and not giving up on the thing I love to do (making pottery/ceramics in case you were wondering). I just need to spread my wings wider and reach out to new places and learn new methods of marketing on line.

Have you seen my Instagram (sazistudioceramics) account or my Facebook page (SAZi Studio)? Go and have a look, become a follower if you are interested. I tend to do be more active in those areas than on my Blog.

I have spent a couple of hours putting together my online flyer promoting my next series of workshops for February and March 2018. Please share amongst your networks.

Workshops Feb.jpg

Days are getting longer and I am looking forward to the lighter mornings and evenings. Daylight is invigorating especially when there is sun.

Another thing, I am clearing 2017 stock in my studio. If anyone is interested in buying anything please let me know.  Check my gallery on this site, posted a few images of work for sale. I also take commissions if you want anything special making.

Everyday brings new opportunities, just need to recognise them and grab with both hands.






Loose ends

What happened at Penrith, did I make my fortune? How did I do at Chapel Allerton Festival Leeds and my trip down to London SoLo Craft Fair, was it worth the hassle?

An addition: The photo above is me subjecting myself to a blind folded throwing contest facilitated by Tom Jackson at Potclays in Stoke-on -Trent. Potclays were celebrating their 85th anniversary. Last time I did that I was forced into it by the Great Pottery Throw Down Judges and Directors. This time I  forced myself.  Like self flagellation! Made the tallest though……

Potfest in the Pens, Penrith:  That was the first time I had participated in a 3 day ceramic festival or selling event. It was hard work setting up especially on my back. Even so the best part of selling for me is preparing my stall.  Planning the layout and making the stall look the best it can be. It is like interior designing, or working a shop window.  I really enjoyed transforming a farm animal pen into a shop, essentially. It was also intriguing to watch the whole place transform from a wet and a bit smelly into a potters market.


I made a significant loss on this weekend which left me licking my wounds for a few weeks. On the up side, I sold work, I met lots of new potters. I think my work is salable and well made. Some potters sold much less than I did and some potters sold so much more. Not sure I will do it again. Need to decide soon as the applications for Potfest in the Pens 2018 are due in a few weeks.

Chapel Allerton Festival, Leeds: This was a wonderfully sunny day and I made up for my losses at Penrith. Restored my faith in my work and the buying public. Made almost as much as I did in Penrith in a few hours at the festival. Packed up my stuff feeling very happy and confident at the end of the day.

SoLo Craft Fair, London: I have to say that this was disappointing but it was a risk I was willing to take. In terms of finances I just about broke even after fuel and stall costs. Mistake I made was to bring too much stuff. Only needed one crate of work and I brought 3. I suppose if more people had come and bought stuff the 3 crates of work would have been sufficient. It was a poor turn out and I wasn’t the only one that struggled. I wont be doing that one again. I think it is a space for twee makers not to insult those that do pretty, hearts, flowers and birds stuff. My work is maybe too contemporary and serious. Will not be put off and will look for another London outlet.

The next thing:

Planning a SAZi open studio before the end of the year so keep a watch out for dates.

Also coming up is Adam Partridge Auction . We, those from the Throw Down series one and two, and others were asked to donate pieces of work for auction. The funds raised will go to support Clay College. Just hope that my work will sell at a respectable amount and I wont have to leave the auction room with a bag over my head. Assuming I will be able to go.

I am running some pottery workshops through out October. Places still available have a full class this week and next. Will be working with/teaching  a world famous person at the end of the month. Will share when the time is right.

Workshop sept 2107.png
A happy and satisfied participant

A less sweary blog this time.



An aside…

So I am in a hostel in the Hague, I am not loving the experience but it is what my budget can handle for 7 nights. My main concerns were lack of privacy, the dirtiness of others, being touched while I slept and my snoring bothering others.

My aim was to get my daughter into a student accomodation. That was achieved with a lot of stress and anxiety. You meet a lot of people passing through or see them, I haven’t really met or spoken to all of them. Not interested. There was one strange one that I have to admit I took a dislike to because of his behaviour and comments about women and who he would and wouldn’t have sex with and rating the girls he was speaking to. Annoyingly no one in my presence challenged him. I said nothing. He was in the same dorm as me, dirty. Leaving his clothes on every bed, food debris, packaging thrown on the floor. Generally nasty, I said nothing. He also took a dislike to me and was openly hostile. I am not white and blond as is his preferred type. Thank goodness.

Here is the crux of my story. It is night 4. He doesn’t sleep. He wakes me up as he puts the light on and off, he leaves the room he comes back. He smokes outside and comes back smelling of cigarette, waking me each night. Eating and crackling plastic wrapping, crunching, talking clearing the mucous in his throat etc, etc. It is a small room. No window. A bit claustrophobic.

As I catch some sleep I feel someone pushing my leg above the knee and wake up to see his face above mine telling me to ‘be quiet’…. I looked at him and said nothing. I was quickly  incensed beyond my ability to deal with it rationally. I did nothing but stayed awake for two hours feeling more and more violated and angry that this fucker can touch me as I sleep and tell me not to sleep in a bed I have paid for.

In the morning I spoke with the manager/owner who had some empathy but I can see that him and this fucker are friends even though he denied any friendship.

My failure to act in a composed and reasonable and quiet fashion  was not what I planned. I wanted to do a Samuel L Jackson or a Liam Neeson in Taken. When the fucker came into the bar I was in his face with my finger cussing and  swearing and telling him to never touch me again. He had no apology and said that I was making so much noise. That made me more mad.

How dare a person touch a stranger in a dorm and tell them to wake up so that they can sleep??? It has put me off hostel life. I will find the money in future to pay for a hotel or I don’t go. I feel violated, disrespected and the lack of apology and his arrogance just compounds the issue. As I type this he is bouncing around behind me in the bar behaving as though he is staff. The owner said that he has had a few complaints about him and would like to see him leave, but business is business. If it was my hostel business I would kick his ass out. The manager transferred the man to another dorm. Better than nothing.

Would he have touched a man like that or a white woman? Everyone in that room snored, he snored. Get over it, buy earplugs but don’t fucking touch people. Fucking cheek. If I had had the training I would have fucked him up and broken his fucking fingers. His lack of disrespect is clear. Makes me think if he touched me anywhere else as he said that he touched me on my feet!

Rant over. Breath

Back to pottery and ceramics next blog post. I will be doing Chapel Allerton Festival in Leeds on the 2nd and SoLo Craft Fair in London on the 24th September in Brixton. Before all that it is carnival!!! #carnivalhappy Leeds West Indian Carnival 50th Anniversary.


Potfest in the Pens

In 10 days time I need to be ready packed and looking forward to setting up and selling my wares in Penrith on the 4th to the 6th August 2017.  It will be the first time I have ever done a 3 day selling event and competing or selling alongside  other potters. A real challenge. I am hoping to make my costs back at the bare minimum. Ideally I want to come back to the studio with next to no stock!

I have the usual worries of not having enough work but worse not having the right kind of work. It will be a learning opportunity. I wisely or unwisely took the time whilst making to experiment with printing onto the work. Something I have done before. I am happy with the results so far and want to develop the idea into a series for exhibition. Where and when that will be I don’t know. Also making my own shelves. Very little idea about what I am doing. Just hoping they can support the work and not collapse.

My indigo tyedye vessel came out looking like tie dye. Happy with the result.  Not convinced?  Hold it away from you and squint a little.. . #tyedye #print #indigo #cloth #clay #beendonebeforebutidontcare #anideathatihavehadforages #hopeitmakesmesomecash #happy #pottery #claylife
Indigo dye series. Love the west African indigo dying tradition. My good friend Fosuwa Ando artist has also influenced my indigo passions. Had the idea for years to try on my work. Done it now but have been beaten to the post by the likes of Ikea. Obviously Ikea got the design idea to transfer the design to ceramics from some other designer/artist or textile artist. Sobeit. Still doing it anyway in my style.
When a glaze you don't care about comes out better than expected on the one bit of porcelain that survived a throwing session. .  This is from my gash bucket. Do any of you potters have one of those? It is a bucket where I pour all my left over dregs of glaze and see what happens when I use as a glaze. It is unrepeatable but I like the one-offness of it. . . . . #porcelain #gash #glaze #surprise #firing #instagramissodemanding #cantbebotheredwiththehashtags #Leeds
This glaze was surprisingly good to say I didn’t expect it to have such a glow. I have been firing the work a little higher than I normally do and holding it for at least 40mins. It resulted in this. Really nice on porcelain.
Almost the last bisque firing from the kiln before #potfest2017. Nothing cracked so far.  Glazing like crazy and I have to admit that glazing is the part I like the least.  I realise that I really like the making the best.  Designing, constructing, finishing; yes I really like that bit. Can I fit in 4-5 stoneware (cone 8) firings before 2nd August?  Wish they could glaze themselves. 😊😒 #firing #glazing #potterylife #pottery #print #potfest #potteryinthepens #time #slab #miracle #needaholiday #adinkra #hairline #naturalfros #embraceyournatural #platters #kilncoolingdownsoslowly #whenwilltheyputinbrownemojisoninstaffs #
A successful bisque firing. Some of these are in a glaze firing as I type. Should be cool enough to unload tomorrow. Anxious to see the results. Have a fear that any warping will result in the pieces touching and sticking together. We will see.
Trying to be clever in a lazy way rarely pays off.  Tested 3 low fired stoneware glazes (1200 deg C) I don't have a functioning test kiln and have no test pieces. Used my well made vessels.  The results were certainly not as expected which doesn't always equate to failure. Biggest issue was the random, no rhyme or reason crawling. So annoying. Wanted orange and grey. Kinda got orange, sometimes, but the grey was green. Can live with it but not what I wanted.  Certainly not using those again in a hurry. The mix needs adjustment. Sticking to what I know in the immediate future.  #claylife #potting #pot #pots #successes #failures #eyeofthebeholder #orange #grey #willievergetthegreyiwant #backtothedrawingboard #stoneware #random #testing #testingtimes #needtogetmytestkilnupandrunning #lessonlearned #regroup #revisethemixture
Started a new series that has been on the back burner for about 15years + ....yes 15, not a typo. Using coasters as testers but will use other ceramic vessels to portray the work.  Calling all afro dudes, afro lovers, natural hair loves, kinky and curly, long or short, loose or tight, black, brown or red hair, locs, guinea, corn rows, plaits or twists. Send me your photos old or new. I will print them, in my style, onto clay. Inbox me if you are interested.  The idea will be ever evolving, like life. #tryingating #hair #naturalhair #afro #inyourface #locs #whatnaturegaveyou #respectthefro #don'ttouchthehair #print #Prince #bob #Diana #clay #cups #plates #tiles #plaits #cornrows #vessels #icanbecausetheydid #ifitoffendsyouohwell
Afro hair series. More to come as it develops.
More risk taking. Experimenting with printing and #adinkra symbols. Trying a ting.  @bertram_made Process reflecting life.  #greenware #printing #clay #slabs #vessels #potfest #3weekslefttofinisheverything #beenplanningsincejanuary #testingtimes
We all take risks but we need to choose the best times to do so. Used a brand new decorating slip and idea that I have not tested before. Fine, but this is work for #potfestinthepens if it goes pear shaped there is no time to make another.  Risk taking at its best or worse?! Working hard and neglecting all else. It will catch up with me I know. Supposed to be writing the mother of all funding bids. Rather be making pots.  Made some brand new glazes.... Fired on nice bits of work.... Not doing that again. Will post some images.  #risks #lifeisabouttakingrisks #adventure #glaze #potfest #feelthefearanddoitanyway #platters #clay #potterylife #18yearsonandstilllearning #movinginnewdirections #criticismonlymakesmestronger #makingupmyownhashtags #getbacktowork

Made in Leeds TV

The feature on The Lowdown was aired on the 13th June. I had forgotten about it….oops. Someone mentioned it today. Watched it on catch up and it is not too bad, Made me look good. Impressed with the editing. They made a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…. (Self deprecation is a way of getting the criticism in before some one else does.) I messed up so many times. I have lots to say but my speech impediment prevents all of that and my creative writing needs more practice. (Jeez,  I am so miserable!!)


The presenter, James I think, was a lovely young man. Natural and unpretentious.

Don’t know how the feature was perceived but I thought it was OK.

Here is the link to the feature: episode 262 The Lowdown on Made in Leeds TV. I come on at 11 mins and 44 seconds in.

Talking about being on the telly, James, Pottery vet, from The Great Pottery Throw Down Series One, is in a new TV programme called The Pets Factor on CBBC. Started today not seen it yet.

I say what I like because no one is reading this. Well not to the end anyway.

Laters. x


Arts and Craft fairs

I have learned over the years that choosing any craft stall  to sell your wares is not a sensible strategy. Just because it is cheap and close by doesn’t mean you should do it.

I do a farmers market once a month. It can be the most disheartening experience. It can also be a a huge success. One can never tell. Are market stalls the way to go? I think it is time to go for the bigger and more prestigious fairs and shows in the country.

I am about to apply for the Christmas market at The Hepworth in Wakefield. Not hopeful that I will get in but will give it a go. It seems they have doubled the the stall costs from last year. That can be a good sign. I have nothing to lose.

My life is more than making ceramics but this is one of the things I am quite passionate about. Had the Made in Leeds camera crew for The Lowdown in my studio this week. They did a feature on me. I didn’t even take a photo or tweet it or anything. Not very prepared or that enthusiastic. Stupid of me really. What a great opportunity to plug the business. Scared to see what they do in the edit. Didn’t even put a bit of lippy on.

Image result for Lips



Getting a foothold in the market

I know this is obvious and I should have done it 8years ago but I don’t have a business plan for SAZi!!!!!

How do I continue making ceramic pots when I am not commercially viable? Answer: Write a business plan. I don’t feel like writing a business plan. Response: Life might get a little better if I do get one together. I will think about it.


Latest out the kiln.


That green glazed bottle (top left hand corner) is my latest glaze test. The recipe came from Linda Bloomfields book on glaze recipes. I don’t even like green much but I love this glaze. I think it is the texture. So silky. Getting my colour palette together for the next big show and  it will definitely include that green.

In other news

Middleport pottery have  A Great Exhibition on till  the 2nd July. Check the website for updates about Where are they now? You can visit and see the works made from the show for both series.


Bye for now.


Workshops, making, finding a steady income.

My life is busy trying to find an income that leaves me free to do as I please. Looking for income does not give you freedom. Fact of life. In the meantime I am making and running workshops. Workshops are the way to go I think if people book places on them otherwise it is a futile, demoralising venture. Got lucky this month. 2 out of 3 workshops booked up. Now to set dates for May. Fingers crossed.

Getting ready to start making for August Pottery in the Pens. Excited and a little anxious.

Want to make lots of these little vases below. I like making them. Will make about 50 for the show.  See how that goes.